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Get all the features you need to run a proper inquiry based tool online.

Bundle includes the formbuilder addon so you can build custom rfq forms for all your inquiries.

Bundle also includes multi-product addon, so your customers can send you multiple items to quote.


Unzip and upload both plugin folders into wp-content/plugins directory of your wordpress site.

Make sure that WooCommerce RFQ is pre-installed from the Wordpress Plugins Public Directory prior to installation

Name Version Changelog Download
WC-FB 2.0.0 Only the formbuilder will be made available Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.4.1 Bug fix, updated deprecated mprfq error handler Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.4.0 Added analytics data to form submissions Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.3.0 Added settings for thank you message Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.2.1 Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.2 & Wordpress 4.0 Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.2.0 MPRFQ Options & Tag Triggers Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.1.2 WC v2.1.2 Compatible Purchase
WC-RFQ-BUN 1.0.0 Initial Release Purchase

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