Connecting Google Sheets With Quickbooks

Google Sheets is a great tool to interactively work with an assortment of APIs to work as an intermediary database for experiments or small scale data processing. Here we’re going to look at how we can query our Quickbooks data and display it in a sheet to then merge with any other data set like analytics or time logs, etc.

First we’ll head to the “Tools” tab and select “Script Editor”. Once the new script editor window has opened, we’ll want to add the Oauth library that we’ll use to authenticate with Quickbooks. Go to “Resources” and select “Libraries…” and add Oauth1.

Next we’ll have to go ahead and create an app under the Quickbooks developer console.  You will be provided a consumer key and consumer secret token. Save those values along with your company id and we’ll store those values as variables for use in querying Quickbooks.

Next we’ll create a couple functions to interact with our Quickbooks app to authenticate with Oauth:

And lastly, we’ll go ahead and query payment data for a particular customer from our Quickbooks database and add it to our spreadsheet:

And there you have it. Now you can get any data available via Ituit Quickbooks API and store it however you like in Google Sheets and even run calculations with other data sets.

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