david chun

Hi I’m David Chun, the Founder of Boopis Media. I created Boopis Media to help bootstraping businesses to build and test their ideas online.

When I first started, we were building ecommerce sites for medium sized brick and mortar stores that were able to expand their market beyond their cities and even abroad.

Now, after exploring the wide expanse of international commerce, I’ve discovered that doing business online is more than just expanding marketshare. It’s about Freedom. Freedom from the regional fiefdoms of politics and regulations. Freedom from stifling cultural mores. And freedom to explore new modes of living and working.

More than anything, I’d like to hep you to explore the boundaries of what you think is possible by introducing you to new ways to work and create a more fulfilling life while challenging stale beliefs and creating value in this world. Once you step outside your comfort zone, you might discover a world you never knew existed. Join me on this journey.