Rezque – Appointment Reminder

Schedule appointments by allowing your customers to choose available slots based on multiple available resources along with getting appointment locations or setting an office location, or allowing the user to choose which one they prefer.

Forget no-shows and last-minute scrambles! Introducing the ultimate Google Calendar™ companion—our Appointment Reminder Add-on for Google Workspace™. Streamline your workflow and ensure your attendees are always in the loop with minimal effort on your part. Perfect for busy professionals, educators, event organizers, and anyone who juggles multiple calendar entries. 🚀

Why you’ll love this add-on:

🔄 Automated Reminders: Say goodbye to manual follow-ups. Set custom reminders for your events and let the add-on take care of the rest.

📧 Custom Email Templates: Personalize your communication. Use our intuitive template editor to create emails that resonate with your audience.

Flexible Scheduling: Need a reminder a day before the event? An hour? A week after? You choose the timings that work for you and your attendees.

📊 Enhanced Engagement: Increase participation rates by keeping your events top-of-mind for invitees.

🔄 Integration Magic: Seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, reducing your workload and ensuring a smooth, error-free process.

🛡️ Privacy First: We respect your data. The add-on operates with utmost regard for your privacy, ensuring information is secure.

Use Cases

Google Calendar’s Email Appointment Reminders is a highly efficient tool designed to optimize your scheduling and communication. By leveraging advanced reminder systems, it ensures that you and your contacts never miss important appointments. Here are some of the use cases:

➤ Busy Professionals: Stay on top of your schedule by receiving timely reminders for all your meetings and appointments. For instance, a lawyer can receive reminders for court dates and client meetings, ensuring they’re well-prepared and punctual.

➤ Medical Practices: Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by sending automated appointment reminders to patients. A dental clinic, for example, can send reminders for check-ups and cleanings, ensuring better patient attendance and clinic efficiency.

➤ Educators and Trainers: Ensure students or trainees are reminded of upcoming classes, workshops, or deadlines. A university professor can set reminders for lectures, exams, or assignment due dates, enhancing student engagement and course management.

➤ Event Organizers: Streamline the coordination of events by sending reminders to attendees, staff, and vendors. For example, a conference organizer can send reminders about session times, venue changes, or key speaker events, ensuring a smooth flow of the event.

➤ Business Executives: Maintain a precise schedule by receiving reminders for meetings, corporate events, or important calls. An executive can get timely notifications for board meetings, shareholder updates, or partnership discussions, ensuring they’re always prepared and on time.

➤ Personal Use: Manage your personal life more efficiently by setting reminders for family events, bill payments, or personal appointments. For instance, you can have reminders for family birthdays, anniversaries, or even your regular workout sessions, helping you balance your personal and professional life.

Google Calendar’s Email Appointment Reminders adapt to a variety of scenarios, providing a versatile solution for time management and ensuring you and your contacts are always in sync with upcoming commitments.

No matter if you’re organizing a high-stakes board meeting, a community workshop, or weekly classes, our Event Email Reminder Add-on is the reliable assistant you need to make sure everyone’s on the same page – without adding to your plate.

Ready to change the way you manage your events? Install our Event Email Reminder Add-on today and transform your calendar into a powerful tool for success!

👉 Click “Install” and take the first step towards flawless event management!

If you have any queries or require support, our friendly team is always here to help. Get in touch with us through the Google Workspace Marketplace™ support link provided.

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