Quotation Management Software Feature Requests

Currently there are multiple versions of the quotation management software that are available on OpenCart and WordPress (WooCommerce) and soon to be realeased version for Shopify.

Since the first release in OpenCart, there have been a handful of recurring feature requests, some, which have already been programmed and released.

To better manage the requests, I have decided to make this simple post and allow the general public to make a request in the disqus comment section below or upvote existing requests.

The most voted on features will be considered for implementation.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Database storage of quotation requests
  2. Formbuilder for OpenCart (Exists for WooCommerce)
  3. Stand alone quotation app with embeddable script
  4. Quote to Purchase

David Chun

I'm a full stack developer that builds tools for marketing and managing ecommerce shops. I occasionally consult for startups. If you've got an interesting project, reach out.


20 thoughts on “Quotation Management Software Feature Requests

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for taking the time to follow the link. Add a feature request or vote on one in this comment section!



  2. Hi Dave,

    About an add-on feature for the Multi-Product RFQ (volume based).

    – can this module send a quote for weight x quantity = % volume container full.,
    – M3 means “cubic Meters”
    – 20 ft container = 25 M3 (cubic Meters)




    Brand: Amocan
    Product Code: AMO-0013935710029
    M3: 0.0088


    Brand: Amocan
    Product Code: AMO-0013935710036
    M3: 0.0088

    lets say i want 1000 pcs each of these 2 product:

    weight (M3 value) x quantity = % volume container full

    0.0088 x 1000 = 8.8 x 2

    17.6 x 100/25 = 70.4% container full , so can still add until its 100% full container.

    they can submit this as quote the same as your module does.

    hope i have explained it clear.


    1. Hey Renee,

      You can probably do this with a snippet of javascript in the quote page by preventing the default submit behavior and adding a condition to add up the weight. However, you will need to add the M3 field to the data that is being processed in the quote page.

      This isn’t a common request so it would probably have to be done as custom work.


      1. Is the customization so difficult to do on your module that it would cost me more? Sorry, but I don’t have much budget on this. So please tell me your best price for this.

        Or i will just buy this module and try to do the customization.

        I am just a newbie on this so i would need help from you.



  3. Hi there,

    Is there a way to integrated the Boopis plugin with Zapier? My client wants all of the inquires to go directly into their Zoho CRM system. I was planing on installing the WooCommer Zapier Integration plugin but I am not sure if that’s going to work since all inquires are being handled by the boopies form. Could you please help with this? By the way great plugin!

    1. Hi Erjon,

      I think you can have zapier intercept the emails being sent by the formbuilder and parse the data then send it to zoho crm.


      1. Dave, thanks for getting back to me. I don’t believe zapier can intercept emails, i think it can only work with the system if it’s integrated with it. For example the WP Gravity Forms plugin offers a Zapier Add-on which after installing it allows you to integrate the form(s) with zapier. If you could please look into I would appreciate it. I am sure there are many users that would love to integrate their RFQ plugin with CRM systems.

  4. I really need each quote request coming through to have an automatically assigned sequential number so we can keep track of the requests. Can you add that ASAP? The quotes all come in with the subject line “Quotation Request” and saying “From: WordPress” (can’t figure out how to change that). So it’s impossible to figure out which quote is who’s.

  5. Hi great plugin, but when “Inquire Now” button really needs to have its spelling changed to “Enquire Now”.

  6. Will you be updating the ‘Request a Quote if Price is Zero’ extension for Opencart 2.0? That would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi there,

    We’ve been using your extension for a while and are very happy with it. Recently, however, we’ve upgraded our website design with a theme and your module ceased to function properly site-wide. We have the Themeforest, Journal 2 theme, are you able to fix our issue?

  8. Hi Everyone!

    i want to buy this quote extension but if its work in Mijoshop joomla.
    please anyone help me in this regard and tell me if any extension which i can use for “Request for Quote” in mijoshop Joomla.

    Thanks in Advance

  9. Hi David, I ave been using the Boopis WooCommerce RFQ version for six month now and it have been working great.

    After the merging of Form Builder we got problem with the New Quote Request email. The sender is per default set into our Easy WP SMTP Plugin “From address”.

    Before the merge with Form Bulder it was working perfect, With Form Builder the Requesters Email Address where added into the From Field.

    Please Solve this issue, it creates a lot of frustration to handle and change the Requesters email address for us i our Zendesk.

    And please check my translation of the Plugin into Swedish. I hope you can use it in your next update.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean Felix. If you are referring to the additional email field that was provided to send other than the admin email, that feature is no longer supported.

    1. Hey Ryan, I just updated the plugin to version 3.0.7 which includes a hook for redirect. Follow the instructions in the notes section and you should be able to send your customers to a thank you page of your choosing.

  10. Hi David,

    I have used the WC RFQ more then a year and it works really great.

    We are changing all our web forms to connect through API instead of email with our Zendesk Support Desk.

    I wondering If there is any way to connect your WC RFQ form and send it through API? I would be really grateful If you can help us to solve this.

  11. Hi David,

    Thanks for a great plugin it is awesome.

    I have an issue I would like to get solved.

    When clicking on the RFQ button for a product in the product listing page you do not get any indication about the request has been made or how to continue.

    If you click the RFQ button inside the product page you get a badge showing the informing “See your your RFQ, click here”.

    Is it possible somehow to get the Requester redirected to the product side after clicking on the RFQ button or get the sam information badge showing on the product listing page, I believe It would make a lot of Requesters to fullfil their RFQ.

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