Google Sheets Formulas

Some google sheeets formulas to manipulate data in the cloud. Items will be added as I make use of new formulas. Index Split cell at a specific character or set of characters


Sublime Text 2 Commands to Simplify Your Life

The following are shortkeys I use frequently to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. A habit learned from playing Star Craft in high school. Who says video games are bad for you? Index Split selection based on new line Wrap selection in tags Auto indent Indent right Indent Left Comment / Uncomment Find Find and Replace Find Read More


Data Manipulation

Just a bin of macros and sql queries I use to manipulate data in excel or mysql Index Scan Top of Row Till End and return 3 columns Opposite of Lineemup Delete Rows When Second Column Is Blank Delete everything after certain character in quotes: Remove everything left of NTH character Remove everything left and Read More