Restore a Postgres Database from Your VPS to Heroku

If your fledgling app isn’t gaining much traction and you don’t want to pay monthly fees for hosting a vps and you don’t want to see all the hours you pured into your app to disappear, why not move it over to heroku for free? One caviet from using pg_dump that heroku doesn’t tell you Read More


Deploy a Rails App with Heroku

It’s easy as pie to push a demo version of your rails app to heroku. Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be on your way to testing in a subdomain of You can also point your dns to heroku and have a live app with a few commands! Make sure that you have Read More


Quotation Management Software Feature Requests

Currently there are multiple versions of the quotation management software that are available on OpenCart and WordPress (WooCommerce) and soon to be realeased version for Shopify. Since the first release in OpenCart, there have been a handful of recurring feature requests, some, which have already been programmed and released. To better manage the requests, I Read More


Sublime Text 2 Commands to Simplify Your Life

The following are shortkeys I use frequently to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. A habit learned from playing Star Craft in high school. Who says video games are bad for you? Index Split selection based on new line Wrap selection in tags Auto indent Indent right Indent Left Comment / Uncomment Find Find and Replace Find Read More


Google Apps Script to Extract Emails

If you have a generic email that is being sent to you regularly and you happen to be a gmail user, you can easily extract that data into a spreadsheet where you can further parse the data into a database if that particular email follows a template. Zapier recently introduced a free email parser but Read More


Data Manipulation

Just a bin of macros and sql queries I use to manipulate data in excel or mysql Index Scan Top of Row Till End and return 3 columns Opposite of Lineemup Delete Rows When Second Column Is Blank Delete everything after certain character in quotes: Remove everything left of NTH character Remove everything left and Read More


Shopify API Update Products Based on Conditions

If you already have a private app setup in a rails environment, skip the first step and go into your rails console. If you don’t have a rails environment but you’re running on a mac or linux environment, you may already have ruby installed and all you have to do is install the shopify_api gem Read More


Adding SSL to Your Rails 4 App

There are a few different ways you can configure ssl into your rails app. I prefer the options where the least amount of configurations are required. The following is an example of getting a particular page in your rails app to handle things like purchasing with a secure protocol in nginx. First create a folder Read More


The Changing Landscape of Retail

The size of offline retail in the United States is about $3 trillion. Compare that with $250 billion in online retail and it’s clear why most retailers invest in their physical stores more than they do on online retail. Offline retail is 12x larger than online retail in the US. And although the growth rate Read More


Ecommerce Platform Comparison

When I had to build my first ecommerce website my natural inclination was to find an add-on for WordPress since it was the platform my client’s existing website was built on. After searching around, it seemed like WooCommerce was the most viable option available so I installed it and I soon discovered that a platform Read More